This is what we want to do

Everyday life is a puzzle consisting of many different pieces. Region Halland, together with the local municipalities, is responsible for many of the pieces that complete the puzzel, for example healthcare, public transport, culture and the development of trade and industry. We are now able to address Halland's development in a coordinated manner.

Region Halland's politicians have prioritised ten areas for the work that is to be done in the region between now and 2015 (see the pieces of the puzzle).

Among other things, the region shall strive to ensure that

  • healthcare in Halland is equally available to all and that Halland is one of the three regions in Sweden where the inhabitants are in the best health
  • the region's inhabitants have a great deal of influence over and actively participate in the development of their healthcare system
  • the use of public transport increases and is an attractive travel alternative
  • more young people are able to find work
  • all children and young people are given the opportunity to experience culture.