A region under constant development

Region Halland has a large responsibility for Halland's development. Some of our assignments have been allocated to us directly by the government, while other activities are such that we have ourselves chosen to prioritise.

One important area of responsibility is that of public transport, not least given the fact that almost 30,000 of our region's inhabitants commute daily to a workplace outside the region. As the regional public transport authority and the owner of Hallandstrafiken, it is the region that makes decisions about and finances the public transport system in Halland. The goal is to increase the use of public transport and to ensure that it is an attractive travel alternative.

Another major challenge for the future is to promote the establishment and growth of more businesses in Halland, something that in turn creates more job opportunities. During the next few years, the region will be paying particular attention to five sectors: health, food, bioenergy, cultural and creative enterprises, and a sector aimed at attracting visitors, investors and new inhabitants to the region.

Some facts to be proud of:

  • Halland's population is constantly increasing. Our more than 300,000 inhabitants make us Sweden's seventh largest region.
  • The average level of income in the region is high. The inhabitants of Halland earn more than in any other region of Sweden.
  • Halland had Sweden's best employment development from 2000 to 2010.
  • Halland has many small businesses spread among a large variety of sectors. This means that trade and industry in the region is less sensitive to short-term economic downturns.
  • The young people of Halland are more interested in entrepreneurship and running a business than other young Swedes are.

One of the largest employers in Halland

Region Halland has around 7,500 employees, encompassing some 370 different professions. Our employees are among the healthiest in the country's county councils and regions, and they stay with us for many years. We view them as our most important resource. It is their work and effort that makes Halland the best place to live.